​​Success Stories​​
 Back in the Competition!                                 

                                Five days before going into the North American Young Riders Competition, ​ Del Destino was lame, and couldn't compete. He received a craniosacral                                               session, plus acupuncture and chiropractic. Later that day, he passed FEI veterinary inspection. He competed the next day, jumping better than he had in                                            months.  He received two more sessions in between each day's competitions. His rider was very happy that he finished ninth overall, bouncing back very

                                quickly, given he had been off for a week. His rider also received a session and remarked, "I feel looser, taller, straighter, and I am carrying myself better in                                          the saddle."   K.F. Young Riders Canadian Jumping Team 

Romeo is an 11 yr old, Prix St. George I -1, schooling Grand Prix,  dutch warmblood  imported in 06/09. “After settling in for a few weeks,

I began to notice he was fearful and stiff. The tension in his neck and back caused a lack of rhythm and suppleness under saddle. He was

very anxious about body grooming. He was always on the defensive.  After 3 sessions over three months, his eyes softened, he is more

curious, and everyone involved in his care immediately noticed a new willingness to trust.  Instead of hiding in the back of his stall, he would

come up and warmly greet me. Under saddle, he stretches for the bit more, is more responsive to my legs, his back relaxed and he became

more comfortable to ride. He has really become a loving and sensitive horse, while honing his athletic ability and competitive skills.” Lezlie Rehagen, Illinois

                                          Amazing Show Career!

                                          "C'Est La Vie,  as a 4 yr old Morgan,  was left with a weak hind end after two injuries. He was unable to canter without anxiety and difficulty                                                          picking up leads. Chiropractic adjustments were only temporary fixes.  A biodynamic cranio-sacral session would last months, and results were                                                       always dramatic!  He isnow stronger, steady, rhythmic and confidant both physically and mentally. His canter is fluid and transitions are done with                                                   ease.  Receiving sessions for the last nine years has been amazing for both of us. Craniosacral work not only restores balance and supports                                                          health,  it also harmonizes us as a team. Many sessions find both of us releasing similar issues. Craniosacral is a powerful cornerstone for our                                                        team! and is continually supporting an amazing show career!"  Cara Michalek, Owner of L'Essage - Equine Sports Massage Therapy,  Illinois       


Little Pete: "There was always concern that there was an injury at birth.  The mare foaled unexpected, resulting in the owner missing the birthing

process to assist if needed. When she arrived, she noticed an unusual amount of blood all over the stall. As LP grew, behavior problems

became apparent. He was very spooky, reactive, and unpredictable. Starting under saddle was more challenging, slower, and more safety

precautions that usual were taken.  After a few months and consistent biodynamic craniosacral sessions, LP became a different horse.  He calm

and predictable. His whole personality changed, along with his ability to think and learn during training. He has a great personality and is now fun

and safe to ride." 

Marie Hoffman, Professional Trainer, Breeder & Owner of On Eagle's Wings Equestrian Center, Kirkland, llinois

Nickywas unfortunately subjected to training methods that were not suitable for her. The trainer used intimidation through a harsh bit and hands. She learned that if she fought him, he would back off and not pressure her. The trainer worked with her for two years. This caused a lot of emotional damage. As a result, Nicky reacted with panic when she felt confined between the rider's legs and hands with the mildest bit. She would act like she would explode. She was not dangerous to ride, but the rider couldn't put any kind of pressure on her, even to steer or change gaits. After craniosacral therapy sessions, Nicky gradually lost her panic reactions, and is now learning to respond to the normal pressures of leg and rein for direction during riding. She also had issues with cantering on the right lead and bending to the right that are no longer there."                               Marie Hoffman, Professional Trainer, Breeder & Owner of On Eagle's Wings Equestrian Center, Kirkland, Illinois


   As a health maintenance program, biodynamic craniosacral therapy can keep performance, endurance and show horses at the top of their game.  
   I have had the honor and privilege to be of service and learn from the most amazing animals. Besides horses, I also work with dogs, cats, sheep,        calves, rabbits, boa constrictors, an exotic bird, and  guinea pigs (yes, they too have emotions and feelings). I am always amazed at how quickly          animals can heal themselves with just a little support.

Soaring Spirits LLC

                                                      ​"Angel is  a 40 yr. old Umbrella Cockatoo that I rescued in 1999. She had no feathers from her neck down, a broken left wing, and was                                                                    malnourished.  She was extremely depressed and lethargic.  She blossomed over the last 10 years, putting on weight, and became more                                                                confident. However, she still screamed for hours, was overreactive, unpredictable, anxious, aggressive, and  would attack her pitbull                                                                        housemate as well as my 13 yr. old son.  She was environmentally destructive. I was seriously considering  finding her a new home.                                                                         After three sessions, she no longer attacks the dog, is more relaxed, now thinks before acting, does not excessively scream anymore, and                                                              is no longer destructive. She is now fun, playful, loving and sweetly animated. She is also now trustworthy with children and other animals."                                                              Sherry Van Patten, LMT,  Illinois

G.F. is a yearling appendix quarter horse that was being trailered to a new home in a few days. In preparation for his new surroundings, he was                                                    separated from his yearling buddies, and was placed in a stall for the first time. He immediately showed big signs of separation anxiety, was                                                            rearing in the stall and fighting containment. He received a craniosacral session 48 hrs. later. After only 20 minutes, all signs of anxiety, fear, and                                                    upset dissipated, and he stopped sweating. The stall pacing also stopped, and he became his quiet, good natured self again. The anxiety did not                                                     return. He easily and quietly moved to his new home, and is thoroughly loved and enjoyed by his new owner."

​                                                Marie Hoffman, Professional Trainer, Breeder & Owner of On Eagle's Wings Equestrian Center, Kirkland,  llinois

Luke  (17 yr. old arabian) was a former English Pleasure and Western show horse.  When I adopted him three years ago, he was mentally shut down, had a dead look in his eyes, and would bite, strike, and kick out when basic ground manners were asked for.  His body looked very disconnected. He always shook his head after a halter was put on.  Chiropractic did not help.  After consistent sessions over a year's time, Luke became a different horse. He now greets visitors, seeks attention, and is very curious about his surroundings. His agressive behavior stopped. The shape of his head changed and the head shaking stopped. He now looks connected from head to tail.  Luke is now a delightful, funny, and loving horse who is "smart as a whip". Cheryl Kirkus,  Illinois

                            Teddy(4 yr. old appendix quarter horse) became trapped in a rubber tire feeder at 5 months old. He damaged his neck and spine. The vet diagnosis was                                      "wobblers."  It was recommended to euthanize him. His owner decided to treat him. He remained stable, but staggered at the walk. He didn't ever fall, but                                       was very drunk looking when he moved. Chiropractic helped slightly. Teddy improved yearly with growth. His neurological signs became moderate. His                                           movement was still very unbalanced at the canter, as if his front and back ends were two different horses. Teddy then received monthly sessions for over a                                     year. He no longer shows signs of any neurological damage.  His canter is now smooth, with both ends moving as one unit.  He is now a safe riding horse                                      that is showing beautiful movement and athletic ability.   Stacia Happ, Dekalb,  llinois 

Positive Support for:

  • Accidents
  • Behavior and Emotional Issues
  • Head Injury / Trauma
  • Back and Hind End Injuries
  • Lameness
  • Neurological Issues
  • Post Surgery Healing
  • Mobility Issues
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Chronic and Acute Conditions
  • Temporal Mandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ)